Donation and Germ Cell

The first and exclusive international courier service
from Russia for transportation of germ and stem cells

Reproduction, LTD

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img2 Medical
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We help you



a surrogate mother or become one



a germ cell donor or become one



biomaterials across the globe

Nemama — Surmama

We conduct surrogate programs
in any city of Russia (in the presence of
specialized ART clinic)

Co-operation with every reproduction

We control every stage of the program

Program stages

img1 Selection of surmama
img2 Testing, meeting
with a client
for approval
img3 Legal
registration of procedure
img4 Taking medical tests,
in accordance with
Order No. 107 of the
Ministry of Health
of the Russian Federation
img5 IVF attempt in the selected
clinic or clinic
-partner of the portal
img6 Prenatal care
in the clinic -partner
in St Petersburg
img7 Monitoring implementation
of all procedures
and medical disposals
by surmama,control of diet,
img8 Labor in one of
the maternity hospitals
of St Petersburg
img9 Legal registration
of the child on genetic
img10 Settlement with surmama
and post-support

Create your

Become a part
of happiness of another

Cost of surrogacy service

  • Provision of nemama
  • 1 IVF try + 1 cryotransfer
  • Prenatal care
  • Delivery
  • Formalities
46 000 Euro
  • Selecting nemama using our base
  • 1 IVF try + 2 cryotransfer
  • Prenatal care
  • Delivery
  • Formalities
2 500 000 rub
  • Provision of nemama
  • 2 IVF tries + 3 cryotransfers
  • Prenatal care
  • Delivery
  • Formalities
68 000 Euro
  • Transportation of your cryopreserved reproductive cells
  • Prenatal care
  • Formalities
  • Selecting nemama using our base
  • Cryotransfers are limited
    to the amount of cryostasis
  • Delivery
45 000 Euro
  • Transportation of cryopreserved reproductive cells or your escorting for the procedure to the US clinic
  • 1 IVF try + 2 cryotransfer
  • Prenatal care
  • Labor in US territory, Formalities
  • This program is legal for LGBT society
110 000 Euro

Germ cells donation

How can you follow
the progress?

To follow the program progress,
look through reports, we created
My Account area


Transportation of biomaterial

to any corner of the globe

Medical license

Sperm Oocytes Embryos Frozen tissues of
of testis and ovarium
Stem cells

Transportation is carried
out in safe conditions

See for yourself

img1 Dry shipper – a special container
with adsorbed liquid nitrogen
img2 Transportation temperature -196
degrees of Celsius
img3 Compliance with IATA Standards
for Safety of Cargo Transportation
in the Aircraft Cabin
img4 The container does NOT go through the X-ray
scanner in accordance with special
img5 Documents are executed
with air carriers, customs
and clinics
img6 Delivery time: 1–2 days
img7 Guaranteed storage life
of materials in the container: 23 days
img8 Preparation time before transportation:
2 weeks
img9 Doctor escorts the container

Cost of services

img1 Transportation across Russia 1 200 Euro 1
img2 Europe < > Russia,discounts for
Cryos / ESB clients
3 000 Euro (Exchange rate of the Central Bank of Russia +2%) 2
img3 USA, Canada, Asia,
Australia < > Russia
4 300 Euro (Exchange rate of the Central Bank of Russia +2%) 3

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Fill your life with new, most
significant and deep meaning -
its continuation in our children

Center for Surrogacy, Donation
and Germ Cell Transportation

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